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About the Book

Whilst working on the Silent Skies Peaceful Earth project, I was distracted by the ancient and holy wells that I kept coming across on my journey. This curiosity about Devon's wells has led me to search some remote and magical parts of the county, discovering these beautiful, sacred sites.

This foray into Devon's wells has also provided an opportunity for me to indulge in the world of pen drawing. I have cherry-picked the most enchanting little structures for these studies and I hope these captivating places entrance the reader as they have entranced me.

Within the 60 pages of this art book, you will find over 40 drawings of Devon's ancient and holy wells. In a short Introduction, I talk about my journey of discovery, and I have provided grid references for all the wells included. There are also some suggestions for further reading to learn more about their history, their folklore and their legends.




Terry Faull

This book is a delight. In her black and white drawings of many of Devon’s holy wells, Alex has captured something of the spirit of place which makes these sites so special. For many hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, people have been making their way to these sources where pure, clear water springs from the earth and bringing with it the promise of refreshment, healing and renewal.

Alex rightly describes her journeys to find them as a pilgrimage. Some, like Eyewell at Mortehoe, are difficult to find while others, like St Nectan's at Welcombe, can be driven past without a second glance. The illustrations demonstrate that at each place, time was taken to explore the feelings, history and message which the well had to share. We are all pilgrims and our own journey will be enriched by visiting and pondering at places where others before us have sought help and encouragement. Walking Between Worlds is an inspiration to do this.

I know these places. It has been a joy to be reminded about them and especially to see that some which I feared would be lost are again being valued and visited.

Terry Faull is the author of Secrets of the Hidden Source - In Search of Devon's Ancient and Holy Wells (ISBN 1 84114 354 5).

Alan Lee

Walking Between Worlds is the satisfying result of an exploration of some of Devon's many little-known treasures - it’s fountains and holy wells. Often obscured by undergrowth, or by the modesty of their simple construction, they are a vital part of the county’s vernacular, spiritual and cultural heritage.

The lovingly and skilfully executed drawings capture their variety of form, from the ornate to the simple and rustic, their textures and the patina of age. This book will delight the inquisitive and observant; it is like the subject – beautiful, rewarding and refreshing!

Alan Lee is a renowned illustrator of numerous fantasy books.


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BBC Radio Devon

Listen to my interview with Bill Buckley on BBC Radio Devon on 28 March (from 1h 14min to 1h 42min).

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Book Launch

A few photos from the book launch held on 7 April 2016 at Endecott House, Chagford.

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60 Pages with 52 original drawings by Alex Atherton
Softback, mono, 178 mm x 178 mm
Published by Meldon Art Studio 2016
ISBN 978-0-9935307-0-8

There will be a small launch party for the book at Endecott House in
Chagford on 7th April at 7.30 pm.

All photos Ian Atherton

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