Am I a mystic? I don’t know, but I do know that throughout my life I have had this hidden connection to the Michael and Mary energy lines as they weave their intertwined paths from the west of Cornwall to the east coast, linking many sacred and ancient sites along the way.

A chance conversation with a friend one day put a missing piece in the puzzle and made me think about all the events in my life that are strangely connected to places along these lines. There has always been this thread; it has just taken me 20 years to realise it.

You may have also experienced a similar awakening, but even if you haven’t, please join me on my journey following Michael and Mary as they dance across Dartmoor.

Learning how to dowse is learning to use ones intuition - an awakening of your sixth sense. As humans we have lost the ability to apply this to our modern lives, so with rods in hand I set out with a question, but will I find an answer... ?

The Art

I Stand Before You. The land glows with the presence of Michael's energy as he twists and turns over the earth. When you visit the Nine Maidens at Belstone, you will immediately realise that there are more than nine of them! How many? Well, they say you will never get the same number twice! But without giving that a thought, I subconciously painted just nine of the stones on returning from an afternoon standing before them. Oil on canvas, 100x100cm - £1,450.00

Gate at Belstone. On my way to the Nine Maidens below Belstone Tor, I caught a glimpse of this secret gate. How often is this ever noticed by the innumerable walkers who pass this way. Pen on Paper, 30x30cm framed - £140.00

Watch the Dancing Maidens. The punishment received by the 'nine maidens' who were found dancing on the sabbath was to be immediately turned to stone and compelled to dance everyday at noon for the rest of eternity. Viewed from afar, the apparent rhythmic movement of the stones suggests that the legend may just be true! Only the sound of the church bells at distant Belstone will bring them back to life. Oil on canvas, 25x35cm - £250.00

Nine Stones Belstone. Momentarily at rest from their eternal dance, the maidens look longingly at the distant tor. Pen and Watercolour on Paper, 30x30cm framed - £180.00

Belstone Tor. Dowsing for the Michael Line at the Nine Maidens brought me to this windswept moorland tree jealously guarding the pool bathing its roots. Pen on Paper, 38x42cm framed - £180.00

Sunlight Across The Ley. Across the highest ridge on Dartmoor, Michael weaves its way round the dramatic tors of the north-western fringes and through the afternoon sun's rays. Acrylic on canvas, 20x20cm - £160.00

Path near Ancient Spring, Lydford. Searching for an ancient spring in Lydford village, I came across a silent lane, caressed by Michael's presence. Pen on paper, 30x30cm framed - £140.00

Spinsters Rock. Heading east from her adventures on the wild high moor, Mary encounters the Celtic Goddess at Spinsters Rock. Erected by three spinsters one morning before breakfast, so the legend goes, were these three the virgin, the mother and the crone? Pen on paper, 30x30cm framed - £140.00

Through the Dark. In search of Michael, I am led through the cover of trees in Lydford Gorge towards the light along a dark path. The anticipation is profound. Oil on canvas, 100x100cm - £1,450.00

The Black River carries the energy of Michael through the Gorge. Oil on canvas, 40x50cm - £395.00

Into the Valley. Rising high above Lydford Gorge, one looks out to the tree-lined valley. Oil on canvas, 40x40cm - £345.00

Close to the Spring. Amongst the footpaths that flow quietly behind Lydford village I found a spring. Oil on canvas, 18x24cm - £175.00

Woodland Light. Drawn to the light filtering through the leafy canopy. Oil on paper, 38x42cm framed - £155.00

Unframed paintings can be framed - please contact me for a quote.