One Enchanted Summer

The feeling of contentment; the ease that one's body feels on long, warm summer days; perfumed summer rain; the dancing gnats along a stream edge; the gently swaying grasses in a summer breeze that tickle your hand as you stroll past - all these conjure up magical and enchanting memories of summer.

This summer I have spent many an hour exploring the intimate landscape around Chagford, and I have tried to capture in my paintings the secret and peculiar magic that this very special place holds at this time of year. Never forget to breathe in the sweet, intoxicating scent of summer as you explore.

Watch this short film to accompany the One Enchanted Summer project...

The Art

Enchanted Lane. Silently walking along the path to a secret place. Oil on canvas, framed, 40x40cm - £540.00

Beltane Light on the Teign. The warm light catches my eye as I wander through the meadows along the River Teign, and I know that summer is about to begin. Oil on canvas, framed, 40x40cm - Sold

Summer Lane. Fair weather clouds dance across the blue sky high over a Dartmoor lane. Oil on canvas, framed, 30x30cm - £410.00

The Busy Air At Postbridge Marsh. The rising warm air fills the marsh and I feel happy. Oil on canvas, framed, 25x30cm - £360.00

Entering Summer. The world is filled with all the shades of green as spring gives way to summer. Oil on canvas, framed, 20x20cm - £375.00

A Secret Path. After the descent from Nattadon one enters the secret path. Oil on canvas, framed, 24x18cm - £350.00

An Afternoon At The Marsh. A peaceful moment looking into the marsh at Postbridge. Oil on canvas, framed, 20x20cm - £260.00

Nattadon. The forgotten sister of Meldon, but still just as beautiful. Oil on canvas, framed, 24x18cm - £280.00

Come To Me. The trees of the green lane invite me in whispering 'come to me'. Oil on canvas, unframed, 50x70cm - £495.00

Hedge Medley. Early in the summer the abundance of lush foliage and wild flowers gives me a sense of joy. Oil on canvas, unframed, 60x80cm - £595.00

The view suddenly opens up as I am Walking Home to Chagford along Adley Lane. Oil on canvas, unframed, 36x25cm - £255.00

Left to Wander. The path that lures you in invites you to wander along its length, discovering secrets in its overhanging banks. Oil on canvas, unframed, 30x40cm - £325.00

Finally Woken. Open your eyes to the wonder of the woods. Oil on canvas, unframed, 40x40cm - £345.00

A cacophony of green lights floods the senses when you stand in a Summer Woodland. Oil on canvas, unframed, 30x40cm - £325.00

View to the Campion. Close to Chagford Bridge, a distant blaze of pink announces the presence of Red Campion. Oil on canvas, unframed, 40x50cm - £395.00

Summer Marsh. I stand and watch the moisture rise from the damp marsh in the warmth of the summer sun. Oil on canvas, unframed, 25x35cm - £245.00

Beyond the clucking chickens and the snorting hogs of Chagfarm, one enters a small, hidden area of marsh as you continue On the Way to Withecombe. Oil on canvas, unframed, 40x50cm - £395.00

The Old Lane to Yellam always engulfs me as I travel along its path. Oil on canvas, unframed, 25x25cm - £195.00

As the farm track leaves Murchington behind, one can only imagine the magic of what lies beyond as you walk Down to the Stepping Stones to cross the River Teign. Oil on canvas, unframed, 40x50cm - £395.00

As summer comes in it feels like the world has been sprinkled with pink confetti as the Red Campion bursts into full life. Oil on canvas, unframed, 15x15cm - Sold

Chagford Path. One of many mystical paths in the maze of lanes around Chagford. Oil on canvas, unframed, 15x20cm - £135.00

A Wood With No Name. A secret woodland, not mentioned on any map, where I go to absorb the magic. Oil on canvas, unframed, 50x50cm - £435.00

Path to Yellam. I love to walk this path - it clears my mind. Acrylic on canvas, unframed, 20x20cm - £160.00

Gate - Chagford. Walking on the edge of Chagford one summer afternoon I came across this gate. Oil on canvas, unframed, 20x20cm - £160.00

Unframed paintings can be framed - please contact me for a quote.