'On the Edge of Darkness' has grown out of my fascination with the raw and vast landscapes of Iceland. Since visiting this country in 2015, I have been studying the works of Georg Guðni and Jóhannes Kjarval. Guðni’s work is haunting and darkly beautiful; Kjarval is instinctively Icelandic. Together, they have inspired me to combine the landscape of Iceland with my local landscape of Dartmoor, which is also vast, raw and deeply mysterious. These paintings are for you to be lured into – and not to fear the darkness! - Í annan heim.

The darkness of emotions fills my heart, but something lures me in and I feel safe in this dark solitude. I need to explore this negative space. We belong; we are one...

The Art

On the Edge of Darkness   Oil and mixed media on canvas, 80x80cm - £750.00

I Thrive Best Hermit Style   Oil and mixed media on canvas, 80x80cm - £750.00

The Riddle Gets Solved   Oil and mixed media on canvas, 80x80cm - £750.00

Moments of Clarity are so Rare   Acrylic on canvas, 80x80cm - £750.00

Left to Wander   Oil on canvas, 50x60cm - £475.00

We Grow Towards the Light but our Roots are in the Darkness   Oil on canvas, 25x25cm - £195.00

Enjoy the Silence   Oil on canvas, 50x50cm - £435.00

How Beautiful To Be   Oil on canvas, 30x30cm - £255.00

In Dark Places   Oil on canvas, 30x40cm - £280.00

Sensing All The Moments   Oil on canvas, 40x40cm - £345.00

Somewhere in Time   Oil on canvas, 30x40cm - £280.00

Under the Weather   Oil on canvas, 50x50cm - £435.00

Emptiness   Oil on canvas, 60x60cm - £475.00

Dark Light   Oil on canvas, 30x40cm - £280.00

Deep Inside a Fire Burns   Mixed media on canvas, 25x25cm - £195.00

Unframed paintings can be framed - please contact me for a quote.

The On the Edge of Darkness project is ongoing and I will add content here as it progresses - look out for announcements of new works and sketches on my Twitter and Facebook pages.